Temple Guidelines
Each temple varies a bit on some of these details.
When you have made an appointment at the temple,
they will send you a letter explaining their specific guidelines.

* Limit the number of people you invite to the ceremony to the number of people who can
comfortably fit in the sealing room.
Guests do not need to dress in white, but should wear Sunday best. Women's pants are not
Guests should arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

* If possible, an endowed female, preferably a family member, may accompany the bride and
serve as an escort. If an escort is not available, a temple worker will assist you.
The bride's escort should arrive with the bride, groom, and witnesses 75 minutes prior to the

Temple Recommends
* Both the bride and groom should bring two recommends issued by your bishop and co-signed
by the stake president: (a) a regular temple recommend and (b) the Recommend for Living Ordinances.

Marriage License
* You must bring a valid marriage license. Be sure to check the guidelines for the state in which
you plan to marry.

* See Temple Bridal Dresses
The temple does carry a supply of temple-ready dresses you can use for your wedding. Call the
temple to find out their guidelines and policies. Generally, you can reserve a particular dress by
visiting the temple prior to the wedding date.
Veils, hats, and tuxedos are not to be worn in the temple but are appropriate outside the temple.

* No photography is permitted inside the temple. All cameras should be checked at the
recommend desk.
Each couple will have the opportunity for a brief photography session on temple grounds after
the ceremony.
Call the temple to find out where the best place for your photographer to meet you. Generally,
there is a waiting room inside for them.

* You may exchange rings in the sealing room following the temple ceremony.
Rings should not be exchanged in other rooms of the temple or on temple grounds.
Ring ceremonies off temple grounds, especially for non-member family, is appropriate.

Hair dressers
* There are no facilities to accommodate hair dressers at the temple.

Wedding activities
* Rice throwing, car decorating and other such activities are not appropriate on temple grounds.
Elaborate photography sessions including attendants in tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses
should be reserved for the reception.