The Maid of Honor Checklist
The Maid of Honor serves as a best friend, confidant, wedding consultant, tissue carrier, wardrobe consultant and more. And while it's not an easy job, it's probably one of the biggest honors a friend can give. Once you've selected this special person, talk with her about the responsibilities you would like her to have.

Here are some common bridesmaid responsibilities:

* Plans and coordinates any showers.
* Records gifts at the gift openings.
* Helps the bride address invitation envelopes.
* Coordinates the dress of the bridesmaids.
* Pays for her bridesmaid dress, shoes, accessories, lodging and transportation, unless the bride states otherwise.
* Helps the bride get ready for the ceremony.
* Along with the Best Man, acts as wedding Chief of Staff.
* Walks down the aisle before the bride and her father.
* Holds the bride's bouquet at the right time.
* Passes the groom’s ring at the right time.
* Signs the marriage certificate as witness.
* Proposes a toast to the new couple during the reception.
* Sees the bride off at the end of the evening.