Change Your Name

1. Update your Social Security Information. This will help avoid big mixups in the government. Some companies charge as much as $30.00.
2. Assist in changing your driver's license information. You will have to go to your department of motor vehicles and bring your I.D. We'll help you find the one closest to you.
3. Update your passport information. We'll show you which forms you need and where to send them.
4. Complete your change of address and name on both State and Federal Taxes.
5. Change your name and/or address with the Post Office. If you're new to an area, we'll show what forms you need and where to find the closest postal location.
6. Get a new Voters Registration form. In some States, you can simply download a form and mail it in.
7. Update your credit report. We'll print out the forms filled with your information and all you have to do is send it in.

Step One
The first and most important step is to obtain a certified or official copy of your marriage license from the county office where your marriage license has been recorded or was issued. It is best to wait 4 weeks after your wedding day before sending in the request. In some counties an official copy will be mailed to you and there will be no need to specially request it. Check with your county office.
Once you receive the official copy, make a few additional xerox copies to keep for your own records and for agencies, banks, employers, or government offices that will request it.
Once you have copies of the license, proceed to step two.

Step Two
Now that you have received your certified copy of the marriage license, we need some personal information so that we can print out all the required:
Click here to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (required).
2. Once the Reader has been installed, you can download all the documents.
3. Fill out the entries. It will record your details throughout the rest of the government documents that you need, saving you valuable time.
4. Print.

Step Three
The next step you need to take is to notify the Social Security Administration of your name change. This usually requires you to send out an original copy of your marriage license and the SS-5 Form.
A certified copy of your marriage license must be sent with this form since they do not accept copies. They will return the copy after receiving your application.
If you don't want to send your marriage license through the mail or would rather change your Social Security number in person, the button below enables you to locate the nearest Social Security Administration office based on your U.S. Postal Service zip code. Enter your five-digit zip code and click the Locate button for information and directions.

Step Four
After you have obtained your Social Security Card, the next step is to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles so that the necessary changes will be made on your driver's license and motor vehicle registration title. You may also want to notify them as to a name or address change on your state I.D. You usually have to appear in person, so locate the one nearest to you.
*If I change my name, do I have to notify the Department of Licensing?
You must notify the Department of Licensing within 10 days of an address change or legal name change. A name change must be done in person, and requires legal documentation.

Step Five
Bank Accounts
If you wish to open a new joint account or change the name on your existing account(s) then you will need to go to the branch where your account is located and request the changes. They will generally require a certified copy of your marriage license as proof before any name change can be made. Sometimes a xerox copy of the license is sufficient, and you may want to bring your Social Security card with you. Banks usually require you to make the change in person.
Use the
Bank Record Name Change form.
Credit Cards
To change your name and address on your credit card accounts, you need to send a letter requesting the change on your account and accompany it with a xeroxed copy of your new driver's license and/or marriage license to the address listed on the credit card statement.
Use the
Credit Card Name Change form.

Step Six
To change your name on your existing passport, you will need to file form
DSP-19 to notify this division regarding a change. Be sure to send along the original certified or official copy of your marriage license with the form, otherwise the passport office will not make the necessary changes.
If you do not have a passport or have to get a new one because your old one has expired, you will need to fill out form
If you are applying for a passport in person, print and fill out form
DSP-11 and find a passport agency near you by typing in your city in the box below:

Step Seven
Insurance Policies
When notifying your insurance companies, you will be required to present evidence of your recent marriage. A xerox copy of your certified or official copy of the marriage license is usually sufficient for this purpose. You may also want to enclose our form letter to assist you in the process.
Use the
Insurance Policy Name Change Form .

Step Eight
You have to notify the IRS of your name change as well.
Form 8822 does this for you. Click here to download the form. Fill out the information and send it out.
State Income
Many states also have a State Income Tax but do not have a standard form to notify them of name changes. However, you can use the
State Taxes Form.

Step Nine
If you are changing your address you may wish to notify others on both the name and address change. Here are a few suggestions:
Post Office
You can notify your Post Office, Friends and Family of your address and name change by filling out the form they have provided.
Voter's Registration
You must re-register to vote whenever you move or if there is a name change. The National Voter registration form is available for some states.

The National Mail Voter Registration Form
What it is:
The National Mail Voter Registration Form is the one document that allows you to register to vote from anywhere in the United States.
The National Form can be used to:
* - Register out-of-town tourist and convention groups
- Register people from surrounding States who work, shop, or attend events in a central city
- Conduct voter registration drives, especially at colleges and universities
- Register individuals at State agencies or other public offices
Please Note the Following Exceptions:
- New Hampshire town and city clerks will accept this application only as a request for their own mail-in absentee voter registration form
- North Dakota does not have voter registration
-Wisconsin town, village, and city clerks will accept this application only as a request for their own mail-in registration form
- Wyoming cannot accept this form under State law.
The following States will accept copies of this application printed from the computer image on regular paper stock, signed by the applicant and mailed in an envelope with the correct postage: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.
For the remainder of the States which do not accept copies of the National Mail Voter Registration Form, you may obtain a State voter registration form by a written request mailed to the address of the State election office listed in the State Instructions.
In completing this application, be sure to follow the General Instructions as well as the Application Instructions and specific State Instructions for your State which include the address to use for mailing the application.
Memberships and Associations
You might also want to notify any of the professional or social memberships or associations in which you have been active. Use the
Club, Organization, and Membership Form.
Employment Records
If you're planning on notifying your employer, use the
Workplace Change of Name and Address Form .
College and Graduate Schools
You may also want to notify your College and Graduate Schools so they can update their records. Use the
School Notification Form.
Credit Rating Companies
You can update your credit report information by notifying each of the bureaus of name and address changes after updating the information with banks and credit card agencies. After this is done, you should notify Equifax, TRW. Use the
Credit Reporting Agency Notification Form.
Medical Records
Notify your past and present medical care agencies and physicians of address changes. For this, use the
Medical Record Name Change Form .

Step Ten
This cannot cover all bride's notification needs and each State requirements may vary. Each bride's situation is different. For instance, if you own property recorded under your maiden name, or are named in a will etc., you probably will need to contact your legal counsel for the specific forms or procedures required to make the appropriate changes. In the cases where legal notification and procedures are necessary consult you attorney for his/her professional advice.
After all of these things are complete, your job is done!

the blue highlighted forms can be veiwed through Acrobat 4.0 and printed as needed