Temple Bridal Dresses

The following guidelines are adapted from an article entitled "Temple Bridal Dress Guidelines" found in the June 1997 Ensign (p. 72).

* Your dress must be white. To be sure that your dress is white, you can use a piece of white typing paper to compare the colors or you can take a swatch of material to the temple to be approved.

* Your dress must be modest. Remember that it must cover your garments. The temple requires that your dress has a high neck-line and is long-sleeved. However, if the dress you decide on is not, fabric inserts are available to the temple. These inserts often are a satin long-sleeved shirt you can wear under your dress.

* Sheer fabric must be lined.

* A train must be removable or be designed to bustle up during the temple ceremonies.

* Dresses should be free of elaborate ornamentation and kept in harmony with the simple and sacred nature of the temple ceremony.